Caldwell-Clark provides creative, high-quality, reduced-cost services to inform, improve, restore, and strengthen human relationships.

We offer mental health and counseling services for individuals, couples, children, and families, as well as community-based programs to improve community health and well-being. We know that every person and every relationship we help has a "ripple effect" on the lives of all of those with whom they come into contact. This "ripple effect" can be particularly strong when mental health professionals become more effective and inspired in their work, and so we also offer services to the mental health profession including research, continuing education, and innovative tools and projects. We actively seek community partnerships and collaborations with other organizations in pursuit of this mission.

Our Values

We believe that all forms of our work are most effective when:

  1. Creativity is encouraged and celebrated
  2. Quality services are ensured through careful planning, mentoring and supervision
  3. Collaboration and open communication are maintained
  4. Accountability for success is built into every project
  5. Work is understood as the avenue for joy, inspiration, and personal, relational, and professional success

Our History

Caldwell-Clark was formed by Ben Caldwell and Aimee Clark in 2011, based on a shared vision and ideals for shaping our communities and the profession of family therapy. We applied for and received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2011, meaning your donations are fully tax-deductible. 

Together, our staff focuses on bringing affordable, high quality therapy to the public, in addition to serving low-income and underserved populations in the Greater San Diego area.